The Best Places to Stay in Kannur

From a good accommodation to fine dining and other amenities, Benale International offers an extraordinary place to stay in Kannur and experience the pleasure of hospitality for both business and leisure.

Benale International-
a landmark of the best accommodation and good food

Benale International is the finest luxury Boutique Hotel located in the heart of Kannur town. Featuring the most modern as well as luxurious rooms and suites, a café adjacent to the lobby, a fine dining restaurant, an array of Banquets, Spa, Swimming pool and a terrace garden to host events, Benale International forms a destination of convenience, comfort and luxury to its guests. The main attractions of Kannur including beaches, shopping centers and Parks are a short distance from this destination.

This Business Class hotel in Kannur boasts of its impeccable service and the best cuisines. Benale International promises the experience of the best place to stay in Kannur with all of its amenities and services answering the needs of the guests. Also, Benale is very wisely designed to offer the most modern character to every distinct area it comprises in the form of accommodation facility, fine dining, recreation and others. The space is structured in such a way as to engage the guests actively and help them indulge in the luxury that each zone offers.

In all that Benale International offers, the utmost priority is given to its guests. For business or leisure, Benale gives the best memories to cherish by assuring the best place to stay in Kannur. Service delivered here is commendable and the delicacy served is lips smacking. Indeed Benale has several reasons to admire

The luxury at Benale International comes in the form of extraordinary amenities and outstanding service

Delicious Food

The culinary delights of Benale International make it the best place to dine out in Kannur. The food is offered at a much reasonable price and the services, promises to impress every guest.

Brilliant Service

The services offered at Benale International are perfect to keep its guests happy. The management ensures that all the amenities and services are delivered to provide the best experience to the guests.

Best Price

Benale International offers budget-friendly accommodation options for its guests. Also, the food and the services offered at Benale are at a reasonable price and are ensured to make the guests experience the best.

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Benale International offers different accommodation facilities to suit the needs of the discerning guests. Some of the common amenities that our guests enjoy while they stay at Benale International are the best Food, impeccable service, Recreation, High speed internet, Electronic locker for valuables,
LCD television, etc.

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The brilliantly combined amenities and services at Benale International make it unique and the best hotel in Kannur. Along with the most comfortable accommodation, the best food and recreation facilities, the hotel embraces many good reasons to be the best choice for its guests.

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and balance at Benale International.