We provide facilities of world-class standard

Benale International offers a wide range of facilities for its guests. They promisingly make Benale the best hotel to stay in Kannur.

Our Facilities

At Benale International, the facilities we offer are brilliant to make a memorable stay

The facilities we offer are planned and implemented to meet the convenience as well as the luxury needs of our guests. From the best accommodation along with the dining facility to the recreational amenities, Benale has built itself to be the best choice for the guests. This hotel in Kannur offers the best rooms and suites to make the stay the best experience while enjoying all its amenities.


Terrace Garden

The open terrace garden at Benale International is an ideal place for parties and celebrations, with a capacity to cater to 400-500 guests.

You may host your special events like Weddings, Engagements, Birthday Parties, Alumni meets and all that you would like to celebrate, enjoying the soft caress of the fresh air. As Benale houses the best restaurant and a café, it is assured that you can have impressive outdoor dining set for your party.

This rooftop can be customized to match the theme of any occasion that our customer would wish to host. The expert team at Benale can modify the space to make it attractive for the event. The service offered for the event will surely keep your guests happy and ultimately, make the event a memorable one.

Swimming Pool

The outdoor pool at Benale International is a perfect place to unwind and treat yourself. The water is regularly purified and maintained by the experts to offer the guests the best experience in the water.

Benale believes in giving its guests the best living experience allowing them to enjoy, relax and reflect. For that reason, every part of this luxury hotel is thoughtfully designed. Here, the swimming pool having been built on the terrace, the guests may enjoy swimming under the canopy of blue sky.

Indulge in the outdoor pool at Benale and see how it soothes your tired body and mind. Make your stay at Benale more exciting with all the amenities it has got to offer.

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Games & Activities

To make your stay at Benale International, more interesting there are games and activities that you may indulge in. The Pool table, Carroms and Chess are for the guests of Benale. Families and friends may spend their time making memories, playing and actively participating in the games while they stay at Benale International.

It has always been the keen motto of Benale to keep the guests happy during their stay. All the amenities added to this luxury hotel have the same goal and thus, the hotel has many reasons to admire as is its tagline.

Wellness Spa

Benale International has one of the finest estheticians in India.Who is not interested in taking a break from the hectic schedule of life and relaxing? Benale is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. A warm and soothing atmosphere is set up to relive the daily stress of anyone who comes here. Our busy and monotonous lifestyle has done much damage to our body and mental health. With changing times, people's interests too have shifted from finding a place at a bar for relaxation to having wellness weekends.

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Electronic Safe

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