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Benale International provides facilities that guests would love as they make their stay memorable and experiential for all the days.

Benale Highlights
The unique selling points for you to choose Benale International

Benale International offers a plethora of amenities to suit the luxury needs of its guests. Whether you are a family, a couple or a business team, Benale International has inside its doors distinct magnificence to offer- ranging from accommodation to fine dining, Banquets and recreation.
Check out all of them in detail, below.


Bel Canto

For the love of food

Bel Canto is a multi-cuisine restaurant that Benale International hosts on its Ground floor. It offers an ultimate fine-dining experience to its guests with the delectable culinary options to suit every palate. The cuisines offered here blend well with the taste of Malabar and its character of hospitality.

Bel Canto is never restricted to serving the guests of the hotel but is open to all the Foodies in and around Kannur as well as the travelers who are looking for the best restaurant in Kannur. Be it for the Family, Friends, Couples or business-class people, Bel Canto has in its menu its signature dishes that include Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental and Arabic food specialties. The expert chefs of Bel Canto are dedicated to presenting an all-new dining experience with all types of food while retaining the authentic Kannur delicacies that never ceases to satisfy.

The vibrant ambience coupled with the soft music in the background and the neatly arranged seating is sure to make your dining experience at Bel Canto more enjoyable. The restaurant gets its name from the Italian word, Bel Canto, which means ‘beautiful song’. With that theme in the backdrop, the dining at Ben Canto is a promising retreat to savor and to satisfy the discerning palate.

What can be more delightful in Kannur than to dine out at Bel Canto with your near and dear ones?


Cafe Conclave

Have the flavored conversations

Café Conclave is a simple, but elegantly set coffee shop that emphatically is an impressive addition to Benale International. This is an ideal space for the guests to conduct an informal meeting, to do coffee catch-ups with friends or even to take short relaxation breaks with hot and cold sips and small bites.

This is a vibrant space serving the best tea, full range of regular coffees (Cappuccino, Americano, Expresso, etc.) along with cold Juices, Shakes, Smoothies and Mojitos. Also, the starters, sandwiches, Salads, Pizzas and Burgers served here have the specialty of the experienced Chefs of Café Conclave. There’s also the Mexican Wrap that is served first time in Kannur.

The service is warm and the vibe you would receive is promisingly extraordinary. This space of Benale has been matchlessly designed to set the mood and revitalize the mind.

Café Conclave is located on the Ground Floor of Benale International, next to the Lobby area. If you are looking for a coffee shop in Kannur to rewind for a while, head to Café Conclave!!


Banquet Hall

Let’s host your special events

Be it for business or a family gathering, Benale International has its Banquet Hall for you. The space is ideal for a large group as well as for a small and private group of people longing to gather under one single roof. Whatever be the event you would like to host with us, the Banquet Hall promises to be a perfect venue coupled with impeccable service.

And if you are looking for a perfect serving Business Center in Kannur, get in touch with us. You can very well conduct a Meeting, Workshop or Seminar in our Banquet hall, backed by professional service. You will not feel different from the official environment that any best Business Center could offer.

Or if you are even looking for a venue for Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Shower or any event, this can disguise itself to be a beautiful space to make a memory celebrating your special day!

Hosting an event with Benale International, you can rest assured that all your ideas could be implemented by our specialized team with utmost care at each phase of its preparation and arrangements.

The Banquet Hall of Benale International promises you to carry back a load of memories and experiences.


Board Rooms

Exclusively for your Meetings and Conferences

The Board Rooms at Benale International is exclusively built to cater to the needs of the Business class. For any business traveler, we can arrange your meetings, conferences or even interviews with all facilities and services.

The Board room is air-conditioned with Food & Beverage services and unlimited Wi-fi connectivity.The room is spacious to accommodate the advertisement standees, Audio visual equipments and other tools for easy content sharing

Board room is located on the second floor and offers the best environment for meetings, conferences and even interviews.If you are looking for a digitally enabled meeting space, Benale International can offer you the best.

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