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Experience the best standard room in kannur at Benale International, with its luxurious rooms and suites available at the best rates. Check out the Tariff.

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The Standard Rooms at Benale International are equipped with modern furnishings and are stylish. Sophisticated architecture is something that creates a lasting impression on people who visit Benale. comfortable interior designed to suit the needs of the customers.

Wooden laminate flooring is the highlight of the standard rooms at Benale, which gives a unique and relaxing atmosphere. The brightness of the room is maintained by the cream colour given to the interior, which is like icing on the top. Benale's standard room has a distinct look with its wooden grain coloured cot, cupboard, and wall unit television console, which invoke in viewers the pleasures and perils of real-time TV streaming experience. Room lighting is done with concealed LED panel lights. A ceiling fan is placed at the centre of the room’s ceiling. It is convenient for guests who are not comfortable with AC.Benale’s offers the best standard room in Kannur and make the customers' stay feel like home. The wooden texture given to the room makes guests feel incredibly relaxed and cozy. The interior is decorated with photographs of scenery, which gives the room a rich look. Benale’s standard room has an attached bathroom that is done in a modern style with undulating texture to give it a wow look. Ample lighting and ventilation are provided. The bathroom fittings used are of superior quality. High-end bath products are ensured in each room.

An in-room dining facility is available so guests can dine in their comfort zone. High-speed internet without any interruptions, direct dial telephones, 24-hour room service, and an electronic safe to safeguard customers' valuables are the other facilities provided at Benale’s standard room. The hallmark of the Benale standard room is its rates. You can enjoy the grandeur of a four-star hotel at a pocket-friendly cost. Rooms and bathrooms are cleaned on a regular basis and are spotless. Benale's stewardship is commendable; they are always available by phone, and every effort is made to make the customer happy.

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