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Benale International has one of the finest estheticians in India.Who is not interested in taking a break from the hectic schedule of life and relaxing? Benale is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. A warm and soothing atmosphere is set up to relive the daily stress of anyone who comes here. Our busy and monotonous lifestyle has done much damage to our body and mental health. With changing times, people's interests too have shifted from finding a place at a bar for relaxation to having wellness weekends. Customized treatments are provided to meet the needs of our valuable customers.

We at Benale guides you to the maximum benefit of our service. Benale’s motto is to create a happy customer and is credited with having a crew of expert therapists. Benale wellness spa's focus is on the physical as well as spiritual wellness of its customers. Benale offers international level beauty and massage treatments that improve mental and spiritual well-being.Benale wellness spa specialises in different kinds of massages that will soothe one’s body and mind. Manicures, pedicures, and facials are some of the other specialties at Benale. Benale caters to licensed estheticians and we ensure the products used for treatments are of superior quality, and the purity of water used in treatments is also assured. The wellness spa in Benale is designed to give a heavenly feel with its dim lighting and soft music. In addition, the usage of aromatic scents is a treat in itself. The main highlight of Benale Spa is that it’s for both genders. Benale wellness spa welcomes everyone to experience the richness of a luxury spa.

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